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Ways to handle SQL NULL values in Go

If you have dealt with SQL in Golang, you know that handling NULL values didn’t come easily with it. The database/sql interface already support NULL values by usage of Go’s nil, but the design of the language doesn’t permit to assign nil to a string or int variable. In this post, I will show you the ways. 1) Pointers In Go, if the primitive variable isn’t a pointer, you can’t assign nil....

11 June 2021

Wired problem on Ubuntu 20.04

Today, I connected my desktop computer to the router with an ethernet cable, rather than Wi-Fi due having problem with a Wi-Fi extender. But the ethernet interface doesn’t worked. The problem didn’t occurred when test it on the Windows 10. So, the problem must be on Ubuntu. I had investigate the problem for a while, then I realized that the DHCP was not working, and also “netplan” package was not installed on my system....

26 April 2021

Year 2038 problem in simple

Today, let’s talk about from the future. 2038 is the year that interests all of the computer systems which is using Unix’s time system epoch (also called timestamp) in the 32-bit integer format. Until this year, lots of system that not updated in hardware or software, will have become unusable or face with many problems. Well, what is the year 2038 problem? This is a problem that impact mostly 32-bit computer systems which is using Unix time format....

18 November 2018